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February 08, 2014


Kathy H

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this, Sue...I can't afford every color in full size either so this is genius! If dye ink is supposed to be felt then SU has some "splaining" to do since they went to all foam...or is theirs not dye ink?! Maybe I'm the one that's all wet! lol


This is genius! Super clever! I also have to figure out storage though for my mini ink pads. Have one of those Stampin Up black carousel type inkpad holders. Have already filled up the top cups with reinkers, and am buying more still ... although there's still lots of room for reg size inkpads in the slots. Organizing is not my forte!

Sherry D

Such a clever idea and I've seen first hand that they give great coverage! Sue you are one very creative gal and I love that you share so generously with us all of your organizational ideas!

Arlene D

Clever to put the foam on the lid so it is stored upside down!


Just came from the SC thread ... Lordy Bee this is great advice, Sue! I use my ink pads when I do 'whole card varigated color' (my term--hee.) Here is an example of a card on which I used my technique:


Sometimes, pads like SU or even Ranger di are just too darn big to swipe to get the effect I want, even w/masking (which results are not what I'm looking for either.) It has been frustrating so I haven't been using this technique much anymore. I have used my SU spots but as you said, they are no longer available. I tried two of my PTI cubes, however, after two or three swipes, the pad came right off which was a bummer. I don't want to use a piece of sponge, a dauber or a TH blending tool, just the pad. YOUR method is clever, compact and convenient. Perfect for my need! I was even thinking to keep the ink downwards, you could slip the cubes back into the original container and store it on it's side with the inky pad facing down. I guess if one did store them this way, a color index on the side would be helpful. Because of the way I intend to use the cubes, I may improvise w/another small container I have to see if the double-sided tape will hold it or I'll have to use a different adhesive. Anyway ... THANKS very much for sharing this info. :)

Tammy P

Brilliant! I have been bemoaning the loss of the spots also. This is such a fantastic solution. Thanks so much for sharing!

Carole RB

You are a genius! Thanks a bunch for sharing this great idea!

Hyde N Seek Creations

Thank you so much. I was devastated when I realized that the spots were gone. I love mine. I will definitely be trying this.

Tammy Dameron

How funny that I found this! I had just ordered some re-inkers to do this very same thing. I have to fine some tiny little boxes to make the ink pads still. But I had decided the same thing. The re-inkers are much cheaper than the pads in some cases unless you get them off of ebay. I have ordered many pads from there and got a better deal but the re-inkers were cheaper on Stampin Up. So I have my ink now I can get my tiny boxes! You say Walmart.. I will check them out. I was going to go to Hobby Lobby and use there coupon. Are they cheaper at Walmart?


The only place that Ive seen that particular case is Walmart, but anything that is a size that works for you should be fine.  I used those boxes because I already had them on hand...


Great idea...thanks for sharing


Absolutely brilliant!


I've been looking all over for how I should make ink pads that are compact and less expensive than the larger ink pads by Stampin Up. I love your idea and my brain seems to think exactly as you do. I want every color and I just can't afford all of what I want. I want something that does not take up so much room as well. I can't wait to try your method. Thank you so much for you!


You're most welcome, and thanks for your comment! And thanks, as well, because it reminded me that I needed to edit/update this post! I've done so, now, and all is right again in the Sue-niverse! ;)


Thanks for this brilliant idea. Another option is to try the set of Recollections mini ink pads from Michaels (about $5 for 12 and use a 40% off coupon for a better deal). You may replace the pad with the inkssentials pad (which is a better quality), or simply rinse out the ink from the pad, dry, then add your own ink. I tried using the stampin spots and they worked well after I washed and dried them. But the ink pads from michaels are certainly cheaper.


Found you from splitcoast and hopped over to see what you did. Now I have one question, since it has been a long enough time do they dry up quickly or do you get a nice amount of time out of them? Curious minds need to know....LOL

Thanks for sharing everything you did with us.


They seem to stay juicy for quite a while, actually. I've added a few drops of reinker to a few of them, but over all I've been very pleased.


Stampin'Up! has started selling the ink spots with no ink in them, so you can get them and use any reinker that you want to (SU! or another brand). I understand that they are the old felt style, rather than the new foam that SU! uses now.


Thank you Sue. Can't wait to try this.

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